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A woman of Mixed Media

WHAT is a mixed media video?

I want to create mixed media videos for a living because I love making them.

A video that is composed of multiple mediums such as stop-motion, live-action, and 3D animation.

My best example (so far)

This notably handsome priest is a "puppet" created from scratch, shot frame by frame.
These woeful mourners are real people who have been green-screened into the funeral.
3D animation:
The dancing skeletal remains - alongside the coffin from which it emerges - are original 3D computer animations.

This is my favorite work to date and best showcases my personality.

I star in this video as the woman giving the sales pitch, alongside Nosher Puri portraying the hirer.
The wonderfully curated music was created by my late friend, Nico Buchanan. 

All animations were done by Undead Mummy.


Studying under the creative genius that is Andrew Frueh, I have become a proficient 3D animator.

I model all 3D meshes and characters from scratch.

milk_001_01_X1_0067 copy.jpg

I'm a self-taught stop-motion animator.

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